The Consortium was founded to promote and protect a product as unique and exclusive as its history, environment and processing: “Zafferano L’Aquila PDO”.
Its goal is to evaluate local products and their area of production, affording more fi nancing and employment opportunities to the inland districts of the province of L’Aquila.

The creation of the Consortium shows the determination of local producers to present themselves convincingly on the market, clearly emerging and distinguishing their products from the vast majority which are not qualifi ed and often tend to confuse consumers. The Consortium represents the finest of local production, thereby playing a fundamental role in protecting the product and promoting more national and international quality consumption.

Considering the above, the objectives of the Consortium are as follows: to spread knowledge of the production of Abruzzo saffron to the relative markets, transmitting its constituent values of territory, authenticity and quality, to create an image of itself which is in keeping with the nature of the product, to make the Consortium known in Italy and abroad, creating an effi cient association between the territory, producers and consumers, to promote the product and its use through the specifi c tourist outlets (restaurants, shops selling typical products, etc.),to carry out an activity of guarantee and control with tourist operators.