Instructions for use
When using Zafferano dell’Aquila in threads it must fi rst be soaked in a little warm stock or cooking water. Otherwise (or as well as) ground saffron, available in packets, could be added when the food is almost cooked.

Saffron Risotto
(or Risotto alla Milanese without the traditional bone marrow)
Serves 4:
360 gr. rice;
2 small shallots or half an onion;
150 gr. butter and 50 gr. Parmesan cheese;
1 glass dry white wine;
½ gr saffron threads and 1 x 10 cgr packet;
Finely chop scallions or onion and sautè in pan with 100 gr. butter. Add rice (if possible Carnaroli) and toast. Add wine and leave to evaporate. Gradually add hot beef or veal stock stirring regularly till almost cooked. When there is still one minute to go adjust salt and add saffron threads and powder. Add remaining butter and grated Parmesan cheese and mix well.
Tagliolini alle verdure dell’orto e zafferano dell’Aquila
Serves 4:
4 eggs and the amount of fl our needed to make the tagliolini (500 gr. good fresh bought pasta – farfalline or rombi- could also be used);
1 potato, 1 carrot, 1 courgette, 6 courgette fl owers (if in season), a handful of peas, 6 green beans, ¼ onion or shallot;
freshly ground pepper, oil, a few small ripe tomatoes or 150 gr. canned tomatoes;
ca. ½ gr. saffron threads;
basil leaf and parsley to decorate the dish;
mixed vegetables for the vegetable stock.
Make vegetable stock boiling carrot, celery and beet leaves in slightly salted water over low heat. Cube all the other raw vegetables. Lightly fry onion, add carrots, beans and peas and fry gently. Cook for about 15 minutes gradually adding ladels of hot stock. Lastly add courgettes and potatoes, then tomatoes with pepper and a leaf of basil. After a few minutes add the saffron. Finally mix the vegetables with the pasta and serve decorated with parsley and basil.
Saffron Rib of Lamb
Serves 6:
1500 gr. lamb rib chops;
600 gr. mushrooms in season;
1 gr. L’Aquila saffron threads;
sprig of rosemary and 3 cloves garlic;
½ onion, ½ glass dry white wine;
extra virgin olive oil, chilli pepper and salt to taste;
vegetable stock.
Separate the lamb chops and brown in oil with onion, garlic, chilli pepper and rosemary, then add salt. Sprinkle with wine and, once it has evaporated, add vegetable stock and saffron threads. Fry the mushrooms separately in oil, garlic, chilli pepper and parsley. Mix the meat and mushrooms and serve decorated with a few threads of saffron.